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3 Winning Ways To Show Your Dog They’ve Done An Awesome Job

One of the reasons why reward-based dog training is so effective is because it taps into a dog’s natural desire to please their human.

Dogs simply love to know they’ve done a great job – but how do you let them know when they’ve done exactly that?

At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we know that reward-based training typically revolves around three things – food, toys and praise! Our best results with our own dogs happen when we combine all three…

With that in mind, here are three ways to show your dog they’ve done an awesome job…

1. Up your treats game

 Do you know a dog that doesn’t love a delicious treat? Neither do we! And the more delicious the treat, they more motivated your dog will be.

Small bite-size treats that really pack a punch with flavour are a great everyday option because you can carry them in your pocket and offer them at just the right moment.

If you have time, making your own dog treats can be a great way to avoid allergens, if you need to, and keep treats as healthy as possible.

2. Reward with play!

 Edible rewards are almost always a hit, but handing out treats constantly isn’t ideal. That’s why we believe in using play as a reward.

Choose a dog training toy that incorporates the things your dog is naturally motivated the most by. If they love balls, go for a toy with one built in. If they love food, try a Food Bag or the ever-popular Clam. If they have a strong chase drive, try a toy with real sheepskin or rabbit fur.

When they fall in love with a training toy, playing with the toy becomes the ultimate reward. We’re big believers in a game of tug, but we experiment with other games too to find out what your dog loves most.

Curious about why tug is so beneficial for your dog? Find out more here.

3. Give them your undivided attention

A reward of verbal praise, along with cuddles and stroking, can be a really powerful motivator for your dog. Even better than that, this type of quality one-to-one time does wonders for the bond you share with your pup (and we know that a solid bond is the foundation of successful training).

So while yummy treats and awesome toys are a wonderful way to show your dog they’ve done well, don’t underestimate the impact of putting your phone down and dedicating a minute of your undivided attention to praising and stroking them too.

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