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The best toys for Collies: 3 top toy picks

At Tug-E-Nuff, we’re big fans of the collie, just like you. 

We happen to have many of them in the Tug-E-Nuff family (and have professionally trained many more over the years). 

We know collies inside out. In fact, we designed lots of our innovative tug toys with our own collies in mind. 

We’ve seen for ourselves the magical difference that interactive play with the right motivational training toys can make to a collie’s behaviour, training results and overall well-being.

And, as a fellow collie owner, we knew we had to share the EXACT toys you need to experience the transformation with your collie (and even a discount, too)...

The best toys for Collies

Sheepskin Bungee Chaser

Although collies are less commonly used for herding sheep these days (and more likely to be found snuggled up on a sofa!), the herding instinct is still with them – which is why our toys made with real sheepskin are such a hit.

Our Sheepskin Bungee Chaser is the perfect toy for introducing your Collie to playing tug. It has a long, cushioned handle allowing you to play tug from a distance and create lots of enticing movement.

Drag it along the floor and watch your collie focus like never before. Then let them grab on to the  super satisfying bite area for a rewarding, bond-boosting game of tug. 

Working on recall with your collie? The Sheepskin Bungee Chaser is your new best friend. It’s the top toy we recommend for practising recall - whether that’s out on walks, during training sessions or in your garden.  

The Clam

It won’t take your intelligent collie long to suss out how to use our innovate Clam toy and discover its magic for themselves. 

This pocket-sized, treat-concealing training aid is perfect for rewarding your dog instantly from a distance.

We designed The Clam for agility training with our own collies, but it’s also ideal for driving your collie forward in flyball and for enrichment activities around the home (see the links at the end for ideas on this).

It’s our most popular ever training toy – with 100% of customers recommending it. Simply fill it, throw it and get results. 

Pocket PowerBall Magnet

Want a rewarding toy for your collie that you can easily take out and about? The Pocket Bungee Sheepskin Ball Tug is just the ticket. 

Pop it in your pocket for bulletproof recall on walks - yup, even with squirrels, cats or other dogs around. Or, keep it concealed ready to be revealed as the ultimate reward at the perfect moment during trick training, agility or obedience practice. 

With a satisfying real sheepskin bite area and our exclusive non toxic rubber PowerBall, the Pocket PowerBall Magnet is great for throwing and fetching too, with a durable bungee handle for endless games of tug.

Need help? Our friendly (and dog-mad) team of training experts can help. We’re always delighted to troubleshoot training issues and offer personalised toy recommendations. Just get in touch.



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