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The Squeak Factor: Why Your Dog Will Go CRAZY For This Toy

Is there anything more frustrating than buying your dog a new toy - only for them to turn their nose up at it? 

We get it. 

At Tug-E-Nuff, we pour our decades of experience as professional trainers and agility experts into creating training toys that get dogs feeling instantly focused and ready to play. 

Every dog is different - and for some dogs, nothing in the world is more motivating and exciting than a toy that squeaks

For others, it’s the scent and texture of real (responsibly-sourced) rabbit skin that does the trick. 

So here’s what we did: we made a toy which ticks both boxes - and more.

It’s called the Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker - and here are three reasons why your dog will go crazy for it...

1. Supersoft bite area

We think the bite area is the most important part of any tug toy - and when it comes to the Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker, the bite area is extra special. 

It’s made in our Devon workshop by our talented team from real rabbit skin. The scent and texture of the real rabbit skin bite area of this dog training toy is a really powerful motivator for dogs of all breeds.

And just so you know, the rabbit skin we use to create this toy - and the others in our rabbit skin range - is responsibly-sourced from within the EU. It’s a byproduct from the meat industry that would otherwise get thrown in the bin. 

The Squeak Factor

For some dogs, if a toy doesn’t squeak they don’t want to know - which probably explains why our Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker is so popular. 

It’s understood that as well as tapping into their natural prey drive, a squeak is so exciting to dogs because it gives instant feedback that they have a strong and effective bite. 

As well as the irresistible real fur, we use top quality, durable squeakers to hand-finish the Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker so that every time your dog bites down for a game of tug, they are rewarded with that satisfying squeak they love so much. 

It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn't submerge toys with squeakers in water as it can make them lose their squeak - it’s best to wipe this toy down with a damp cloth to keep it looking fresh. 

Small but perfectly formed

The beauty of our Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker is that it’s small enough to carry in your pocket but it still packs a motivational punch.

That means it’s perfect for taking on walks as your high value on-the-spot reward that will help you eradicate distractions (like squirrels, for example) and to teach a bulletproof recall.

Important note: Don’t let your dog chew or play unattended with the Pocket Squeaker. All Tug-E-Nuff toys are created for supervised, interactive play only.  

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