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Top Toy Picks: 3 of the Best Toys For Cockapoos

What’s your favourite thing about your cockapoo? 

OK, that’s too hard to answer. But we bet their playful, loving nature is high on your list. 

Dog catching treat dispensing dog toy the Clam

That’s why we know you - and your cockapoo - will love our hand-picked bundle of the very best toys for cockapoos. 

Each toy has been selected because it will help you successfully train your clever cockapoo, as well as have endless hours of enriching, rewarding fun together. 

So let’s dive in…

1. The Clam

Say hello to the ultimate foodie training toy that your cockapoo is guaranteed to go crazy for. 

The Clam is a super versatile toy (and also our most popular toy EVER!). Our favourite way to use it with cockapoos is for confidence building and enrichment. Simply fill it with smelly treats and hide it in a box stuffed with scrunched up paper. Then, let them sniff it out and reward themselves by opening the ‘shells’ of The Clam with their snout. 

The Clam is also a great choice for your cockapoo if you take part in agility or flyball. By throwing The Clam ahead, your cockapoo will feel more motivated than ever during their run and they will love getting instantly rewarded at the end by helping themselves to the treats inside.

2. Sheepskin Chaser

Is recall a work in progress with your cockapoo?

Handmade in our Devon workshop, the Sheepskin Chaser is our number one recommendation for getting your cockapoo to come running the second you call them.

With its long, cushioned handle, and a large bite area made with irresistible real (responsibly-sourced) sheepskin, it’s a super motivating tug toy that gets amazing results. 


dog tugging on chaser toy


To play, simply drag it along the floor, moving it like prey (slow, fast, slow). Let your cockapoo give chase - and then let them grab the bite area for a bond-boosting game of tug. 

Like with all Tug-E-Nuff toys, you can buy the Sheepskin Chaser with complete confidence thanks to our 45 day Tug It + Love It guarantee.

3. Pocket Fauxtastic

Would you love a compact tug toy you could easily take out and about as an on-the-spot reward for your cockapoo? 

Well, here it is - our Pocket Fauxtastic.

It’s got a colourful short bungee handle, made using our signature webbing, and an eye-catching faux fur bite area. 


dog tugging on tough dog toy


We believe interactive play with your cockapoo is the key to keeping them stimulated and active, and getting better results with your training. The Pocket Fauxtastic helps you make this happen, on the go. 

Simply pop it in your pocket, and whip it out when you need your cockapoo to forget about distractions and focus!

Need help? Our friendly (and dog-mad) team of training experts can help. We’re always delighted to troubleshoot training issues and offer personalised toy recommendations. Just get in touch.

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