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Top Toy Picks: The 3 Best Toys For Giant Breeds

Whether you own a great dane, giant schnauzer, saint dane or saint bernard, you’ll be used to the attention.

Just walking down the street turns heads and wherever you go people comment on your not-so-little companion.

Luckily, these gentle giants tend to take everything in their (very large) stride. 

They might weigh the same as a person, but they are generally calm, loving and loyal.

It’s essential that training toys for saint bernards, great danes and other big breeds are durable and suitable for hours of fun, especially when massive mouths are involved.

Here are our top picks of the best toys for giant breeds...

Sheepskin Bungee Ring

Given their size, giant breeds need toys that are both durable and exciting. The Sheepskin Bungee Ring is both. It’s different from a traditional bungee toy as it’s designed on a looped handle, helping your dog learn to grab the toy (and not your hand!). 

Made from 100% British sheepskin, the comfortable design is also small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with two strands of super-strong shock cord built into the handle.

This will help to reduce jarring in your shoulder or your dog’s neck when playing tug, which is especially important when trying to stay on your feet playing with a giant dog.  

To mix things up, you can even throw the Sheepskin Bungee Ring like a frisbee.

Pocket Fauxtastic

Fast, reliable recall is always essential - but perhaps even more so with giant breeds (which some dogs and people can be intimidated by). Our Pocket Fauxtastic is the perfect recall solution.

The bite area is made from hard-wearing faux fur, which is designed to be durable enough to withstand tugging from even the strongest of dogs. Climbing-grade bungee webbing in the comfortable handle also helps to reduce jarring.

Keep it hidden and then reveal it when you need it - and watch your great dane or st bernard come bounding back to you. 

Pocket Magnet

This pocket-sized tuggy toy is a game-changer when it comes to training your giant dog and building your bond.

Made with enticing real sheepskin and a short, stretchy bungee handle, it’s in our list of the best toys for giant breeds thanks to its magical ability to focus your dog’s attention at the key moment. 

Use the Pocket Magnet as a powerful, high-value reward to build bulletproof recall and for rewarding, interactive play on walks or at home.

Don’t underestimate this toy’s compact size - this is a powerful, durable training aid that’s proven hit with giant breeds.


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