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Why Quality Trumps Quantity When It Comes To Playing With Your Dog

When it comes to playing with your dog, any play is better than no play at all. 

However, all play is not created equal. 

Just a few minutes of play with a quality interactive toy is way more enriching and beneficial for your dog than an hour of play with a non-interactive or poorly-made toy — and this blog is going to explain why. 

Short bursts of play are more motivating

Tug is hard work for both handler and dog so short, intense play sessions (with lots of energy) help to keep your dog engaged. Just three minutes of intense interactive play can be enough so don’t worry about playing tug until your dog (or yourself!) is exhausted. 

If you try to play for too long, you will get tired and lose enthusiasm. Always end your games on a high and while motivation is still high - this will help establish your tug toy as super high value. 

Dogs get bored quickly

We always recommend keeping Tug-E-Nuff toys out of sight when they aren’t being actively played with. This helps avoid them being used unsupervised (and possibly damaged) and it stops your dog getting bored of the toy (which happens easily when toys are left lying around). 

Keeping your tuggies away and revealing them for short, enthusiastic bursts of play is a tried and tested way to maintain your dog’s interest long term. 

Tug is a team sport

Tug toys are all about enjoying quality 1-2-1 time with your dog which has a huge impact on the relationship you share. In fact, 80% of dog owners say interactive play with a Tug-E-Nuff toy has helped boost the bond they share with their dog. That’s important because we know that well-bonded dogs are happier and learn faster. 

When you play tug with your dog, give them your full attention for a couple of minutes rather than phoning it in for a longer play session. It will pay dividends. 

Quality play is mentally stimulating

Quality tug toys can be used, of course, to play tug but they can also be used for a variety of enriching games as well as used as a reward for trick and sports training. This makes playing tug mentally as well as physically stimulating for your dog. Experts agree that mental stimulation is often a much better way to tire out your dog and help them to settle well. 

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