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Looking for an indestructible dog toy? Let us help....

Do you often buy your dog toys and then find, sometimes just minutes later, that it’s been ripped to shreds? If your dog destroys toys, it can be a frustrating and expensive problem. 

And it’s one that’s probably got you hunting for indestructible dog toys that even big and strong dogs can’t destroy. 

However, there’s something we think you should know…

Indestructible dog toys aren’t the answer. 

In fact, we don’t think ‘indestructible’ toys even exist. If a dog has a tendency to engage in destructive behaviour, a rubber or fabric toy won’t stand a chance - at least not for long.

What's more important, is why your dog is engaging in destructive behaviour. 

Why does your dog destroy their toys?

Indestructible dog toys are sometimes looked to as the holy grail of solving all kinds of dog training issues - from boredom to excessive barking and destructive chewing. 

Dog owners hope (understandably!) that providing their pooch with a tough toy they can’t destroy will keep them occupied and out of trouble. 

However, if we look at meeting our dog's needs for play, mental stimulation and exercise - often behaviours such as anxiety, chewing and barking reduce. 

Giving a bored dog a toy to play with destructively, on its own, won’t get to the root of the problem. It will simply result in another chewed up toy that ends up in the bin. And you still searching for the toughest dog toy in history! 

How to tackle destructive behaviour

There’s a more positive, more fun, and more effective way to combat behaviour problems like chewing, barking and destroying toys!  And that’s with interactive play using a durable, motivational training toy. 

Although we don’t believe in indestructible toys, we do believe in durable, tough dog training toys, handmade using only top quality materials - which is exactly what we make here at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear

All our dog training toys are created with our decades of professional dog training and dog owning experience in mind. That’s one of the reasons we’ve got more than 5,000 verified five star reviews. 

Three magic words: supervised, interactive play

Each and every Tug-E-Nuff toy is designed for supervised, interactive play.  Because when you engage with your dog, they get both mental and physical stimulation, alongside positive attention.

When your dog's needs are met and they've had an outlet for their natural behaviours, they're far less likely to destroy their toys.

staffy playing with tough dog toy

Try playing games such as tug of war and scentwork games, and you'll see your dog's boredom levels decline and their happiness levels soar!

Our toys are tough, but they're not indestructible. They aren’t chew toys. And your dog shouldn’t be left alone with them.

Instead, we recommend you use our durable dog toys to help you reap the rewards of interactive play. 

The benefits of play are proven and well-documented. 

A study of 4,000 dog owners released by Bristol University found that play is the key to our dogs’ well being. The research found that a lack of play can cause up to 22 different behavioural issues, including anxiety, aggression, pulling on the lead, whining, and not coming when called.

Interactive, supervised play with the best dog training toys will: 

Are there any exceptions? 

There’s definitely a time and a place for chew toys, and we know many dog owners (including us!) build time with an appropriate chew toy or bone into their dog’s day. What we feel passionate about is taking the time and effort to satisfy a dog’s need for interactive play, too - and using it as a fun, rewarding way to tackle training troubles. 

If you’d like to experience the power of interactive play for yourself, check out our range of bungee and non-bungee tug toys.

We’re so confident that you and your dog will love it that we offer a 45 day Tug It + Love It guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. 

Discover the best toys for strong dogs

If you have a strong dog, then you need a tough dog toy that will withstand your pups powerful tugs! And you also need a bungee to protect your poor shoulders during play!



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