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Top Toy Picks: Best Toys for Sighthounds

Sighthounds - including greyhounds, whippets, Afghan hounds and Ibizan hounds - are speedy softies with big hearts and a strong appetite for interactive play. 

Sighthounds are high-speed sprinters - but, surprisingly, they do not need as much exercise as other breeds. In fact, many enjoy snoozing most of the day away - and saving their energy for two short, high-energy walks. 

black whippet running

Interactive play with the right training toys is particularly important if you own a greyhound, whippet or other sighthound.

Sighthounds aren’t often food motivated, so it’s essential to have a high-value training toy at hand as a reward when teaching recall (which is vital when your greyhound or whippet can take off at top speed at the sight of a cat or squirrel). 

Plus, training experts agree that it is important for greyhounds, whippets and other sighthounds to have an outlet to channel their powerful natural hunting instincts in a positive way. Play delivers that in spades! 

So, which training toys are best for greyhounds, whippets and other sighthounds? We’ve put together our top picks…

1. Chaser tugs

Sighthounds love to chase, stalk and pounce on toys - which is why our selection of chaser tugs are our top choice when it comes to the best toys for greyhounds and whippets. 

Whippet holding rabbit skin chaser toy for dogs

For optimum motivation when playing with your sighthound, opt for a chaser made with responsibly-sourced real fur - like our Rabbit Skin Chaser With Squeaker or our Sheepskin Chaser

We also make a super durable Faux Fur Chaser. Each of our chasers are handmade in our Devon workshop using climbing-grade webbing to ensure they stand up to hours of rewarding, super-fun play with your sighthound.

Drag it along the floor and move it like prey - fast, slow, then fast again - to trigger your sighthounds hunting instinct and allow them to channel it into positive play. 

2. Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

The genius design of our Crazy Thing Bungee Tug makes it a firm favourite with older and younger sighthounds alike. Its soft strips of colourful fleece mimic the feathers of a bird and catch the attention of your sighthound when you need it most. There’s a strong bungee handle for comfortable play and a choice of colours. 

Retired racing greyhound Jim, was proving difficult to train until his pawrents discovered the Crazy Thing. Now it’s his favourite recall reward when he’s out on walks and it’s helped boost the all-important bond with his owners. 

3. The Clam

Sighthounds aren’t typically the most food-motivated of breeds. However, they DO love fast-moving toys - especially throwable ones filled with the favourite treats. Enter: The Clam

This is our most-popular EVER training toy. They offer the perfect way to make mealtimes more interesting and to reward your sighthound from a distance.

Hide your their favourite treats inside - we recommend smelly, delicious dried sprats or our Grain-free Training Treats - then throw it and watch them run. When they reach it, they can help themselves to the yumminess inside thanks to The Clam’s clever opening. 

The Clam is a super versatile toy and it opens the door to a range of enriching games you can play at home or out and about. Check out five easy ways to use The Clam here. 

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