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The Best Toys For Retrievers - 3 Top Toy Picks

Discover the best toys to delight your retriever. Motivated by their tummies, with a desire to retrieve things and carry them - we've got the perfect toys to satisfy your retriever's every desire. 

What if we told you you could get your paws on a bundle of motivational, durable, interactive training toys especially for retrievers like yours? 

labrador tugging on fleece tug toy

Toys that will help you…

✅ Improve your training results

✅ Boost your bond

✅ And have LOADS of fun

Well, keep reading because we’re about to talk you through the three BEST toys for your retriever (and give you a cheeky discount)...

The best toys for Retrievers

1. Sheepskin Bungee Chaser With Tennis Ball

Whether Golden, Labrador, curly-coated or flat coated, your retriever will go bananas for the chance to grab on to the fluffy, real Sheepskin bite area of this tug toy. 

But, that’s not the only reason this toy is in our top three picks of the best toys for retrievers. This toy is extra special because it features something that every retriever will find irresistible - a built-in tennis ball. 

This feature makes the Sheepskin Bungee Chaser With Tennis Ball the perfect weight for throwing and fetching on walks - or in your garden. Plus, our  comfortable bungee handle means you and your goldie, labrador or other retriever can safely enjoy hours of super-rewarding tugging fun.

2. Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

Historically, gundogs like retrievers were used to sniff out and retrieve birds and game, which might explain why our Crazy Thing tug toy is such a guaranteed winner for your retriever. 

The soft strands of colourful fleece mimic the feathers of a bird, making this a super-motivating, interactive toy that will get your retriever fired up, ready to play and learn.

Let them grab hold of the fleece and shake to their heart’s content! 

The durable bungee handle means you can keep a good grip and avoid neck or shoulder strain when playing tug. The only tricky part is deciding which colour combination you like best! 

3. Bungee Food Bag

You don’t need us to tell you that one of the things your retriever loves most of all is treats!

Our Bungee Food Bag adds an extra element of motivation to the average tug toy by allowing you to stuff it full of treats before throwing or playing.

Retriever tugging on bungee food bag, a treat toy for dogs

This is a fantastic option if your retriever is new to playing tug or if they aren’t yet used to interactive play being a reward for good behaviour by itself.

It’s also a great tool for enriching play. Fill it with treats and throw it as far as you can - your retriever will love sniffing it out, bringing it back to you and then getting to snaffle up the treats and play a game of tug. Winner!

Need help? Our friendly (and dog-mad) team of training experts can help. We’re always delighted to troubleshoot training issues and offer personalised toy recommendations. Just get in touch.


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