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Top Toy Picks: 3 of The Best Toys For Beagles

With their trademark soft, floppy ears and their cheerful, affectionate disposition, it’s easy to see why Beagles are such loved and popular family dogs.

However, beagles are hounds with an inbuilt love of food and desire to follow their nose, so it’s important to have some creative techniques and innovative dog toys for Beagles up your sleeve as part of your Beagle training.

Luckily, at Tug-E-Nuff we make a choice of toys which are particularly useful at turning play into the perfect reward for Beagles. Here are our top picks…

  1. The Clam

If you’re the proud pawrent of a Beagle, you don’t need us to tell you that food is a huge motivator for your four-legged friend. That’s what makes our ever-popular Clam such a hit with Beagles.

This clever training toy lets you hide treats in the middle that your Beagle can help themselves to when the Clam is thrown. It’s a great way to reward from a distance for sports like agility and to use in various innovative ways for scent training and games around the house (or anywhere!).

Rob and his two lively Beagles, Daisy and Harry (pictured), put The Clam through its paces as our Toy Testers and it passed with flying colours…

‘The Clam is the perfect reward-based training toy for beagles as it’s super strong and incorporates food (both important things with a beagle!),’ Rob says. Read his full review here.

  1. WondaBunny Bungee

As hounds, Beagles were bred to hunt rabbits - and even as non-hunting pets, that chase drive still very much exists for most Beagles. That explains why, to successfully train a Beagle, you must tap into that prey drive and channel it into positive play that gets results.

Our WondaBunny Bungee is the perfect tool for doing exactly that. Made with real, responsibly-sourced rabbit skin, it has a scent and texture that Beagles simply can’t resist and a bungee handle that makes it easy and comfortable for both of you.

Working on recall with your Beagle? Use this toy as the ultimate reward to get them running back to you, every time.

In fact, the Rabbit Skin Bungee Tug is such a powerful recall aid that some of our customers have credited it with saving the life of their dog. After Bonnie the Beagle (@bonnie_the_beagle_18 on Instagram) slipped her lead near a road, her pawrent sent us the above picture and the following comments: ‘I called her back and usually she doesn’t listen but I had our new Rabbit Skin Bungee Tug with me after my trainer recommended it and she just can’t say no to it. Literally think it saved her life.’

Now that’s what we call a game changer! Want some help supercharging your recall? Get our free ebook.

  1. Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker

We all know the importance of play for boosting bond and teach essential skills, but we also know Beagles - and some of them certainly have a stubborn streak!

To tempt reluctant Beagles into tugging and playing, we recommend our Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker. It fits in your pocket, so perfect for taking out and about to events or on walks, and as well as the irresistible real rabbit skin, it has an inbuilt, puncture-proof squeaker for extra motivation!

It’s a next-level toy for next-level results!

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