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Top Toy Picks: The Best Tug Toys For Small Dogs

Got a Terrier, Schnauzer, Frenchie, Chihuahua or another small dog breed? 

Smaller breeds often have a big appetite for play – and they can find interactive toys especially rewarding. However, it’s important to choose toys designed with smaller mouths and shorter legs in mind.

When shopping for the best dog training toys for small breeds, there are a few key things to keep in mind: 

🐾 Quality + design

Tug-E-Nuff toys are designed by training experts and tried-and-tested with small breeds (including our own hard-to-please miniature poodle cross and rescue terrier). We only use top quality materials to create toys that double up as the ultimate high value reward for training.

🐾 The fun factor

Learning is easier when it’s FUN! Our toys for small breeds are created to turbocharge your dog’s appetite for play and provide endless hours of bond-boosting fun.

🐾 Proven results

Tug-E-Nuff’s collection of toys for smaller dogs is backed up by tons of verified five-star reviews from owners just like you. We also offer a 45 Day Tug It + Love It Guarantee, so you can buy with complete confidence. 

Without further ado, let's crack on with our top toy picks for small dogs. 

Best squeaky dog toy for small dogs

For some dogs, nothing in the world is more motivating and exciting than a toy that squeaks. That is until they get their paws on our ultimutt squeaky rabbit chaser!

The blend of a highly exciting squeaker AND the scent and texture of real (responsibly-sourced) rabbit skin is a recipe for unrivalled motivation!

The rabbit skin squeaky chaser is a top choice for small dogs - no bending required and it’s perfectly sized for small mouths!

Best fleece dog toy for small dogs

The Crazy Thing Bungee tug is the best fleece dog toy for little tuggers. This interactive toy features a brightly coloured soft fleece bite area that mimics the feathers of a bird, which is extremely motivating for your pup.

Plus, the bungee handle offers superb durability and excellent grip, reducing the risk of jarring on your dog's neck during play. 

Best ball toy for small dogs

The Pocket Powerball Fauxtastic is a brilliant small dog toy for both tug and fetch. This compact tugger features a durable faux-fur bite area and a rubber ball that is specially designed by our in-house training and play experts.

Unlike conventional tennis balls, which are made with dangerous glass fibres, the PowerBall is non-toxic and non-abrasive. It’s also tuggable, bounceable, and the perfect weight for throwing.

Did we mention it's terrier approved?

powerball review from small dog owner

Best food toy for small dogs

The Clam is the ultimate treat dispensing toy, but what is it that makes it so fetching?! It's perfect for food driven dogs and playful hounds alike, small enough to conceal and whip out for a timely reward, and it's incredibly versatile!

If you're looking for a fun and rewarding way to treat your dog, look no further than the Clam! This versatile toy is perfect for finding, fetching, and tugging, and your dog will love getting a tasty treat every time they play with it.

Best chaser toy for small dogs

The sheepskin chaser is our most popular chaser toy, and it's just as popular with small dogs. The fluffy bite area offers unrivalled motivation, combining the scent and texture of responsibly sourced sheepskin as the ultimate reward.

The super long handle makes it easy on your back AND allows you to wiggle it like play to entice your dog to get stuck in and have a blast..... Unlocking the true power of play!

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