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Rescue Dog Charity Giveback

For every toy that our customers purchased on 14th February 2023, we pledged to donate a toy to a dog in rescue. And boy did our Tug-E-Nuff community do us proud!

Thanks to the generous support of so many Tug-E-Nuff fans, we were able to donate over 200 powerball tug toys to three fabulous rescue dog charities. 

Tug-E-Nuff visiting rescue to donate dog toys

Together we made some very happy tails wag and put a sparkle back in the eyes of some very special dogs. 

Meet the charities 

Animals in Distress, Devon

Animals in Distress is a rescue centre caring for South Devon’s pets when their lives fall apart. 

Whether due to bereavement, illness, breakdown of relationships, financial hardship, straying, cruelty, neglect or abandonment, this wonderful charity never turns away an animal in distress. 

It was beautiful to see the bond between the dogs and staff at Animals In Distress, and a pleasure to be able to deliver a special treat to them! 

dog trainer and rescue dog playing tug of war together

Sprocker Assist & Rescue, UK wide

Sprocker Assist & Rescue (SAR) is a Sprocker Spaniel rescue run by a small but very dedicated team of volunteers. 

In recent times, they have found themselves with much more complex dogs with a range of challenging behaviours. 

They have their own dog behaviourist who works with fosterers and adopters. If a sprocker needs 1-1 behavioural input outside of their area, the rescue will fund a behaviourist local to the dog’s new family. 

St Giles Animal Rescue, Somerset

St Giles Animal Rescue is situated just outside of Taunton, Somerset. The charity takes in many of the County’s strays, pets surrendered by owners that are no longer able to care for them, rescues from the puppy farm industry and rehomes ex-racing greyhounds.

They provide the care, veterinary treatment and training each dog needs, regardless of cost, to prepare them for their new lives. 

Rescues need our help now, more than ever

The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH), surveyed over 60 rescues and shelters across the country about the impact of the  cost of living crisis.

A heartbreaking 92% of shelters were seeing more people wanting to hand over a dog compared with pre-pandemic levels. These rescue centres, and others across the country, are doing an amazing job of supporting dogs in need.

A big tuggy thank you!

We are delighted to have been able to share a little love and joy, and give something back to dogs in need.

Thank you to everyone who took part and supported dogs in kennels this Valentines. As you can see, the dog's were in love with their new toys!

frenchie at st giles animal rescue playing with ball tug toy

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