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6 Reasons to Enrol on Our Free Power of Play Online Course

Would you like to find positive, enriching solutions to your training struggles? 

Good news! Our brand new Power of Play Online Course is now live! 

This self-paced, video-led course is packed with expert training advice, super-handy hints and troubleshooting tips - and it’s completely free!

The course covers everything from why you should play with your dog to how to troubleshoot common training and play problems in 13 bite-size video lessons. 

Wondering if the course is right for you? Here are six reasons why you should sign up…

Learn why tug is so beneficial

Discover why interactive play, especially tug, is such a good idea. We’ll walk you through the top four reasons to play tug, in just a few minutes, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the huge difference play can make to your dog. 

Find out how to play tug (even if your dog is new to play)

New to playing tug? No worries. You’ll get our step-by-step guide to introducing tug to your dog. From ‘thinking like prey’ to the importance of enthusiasm, we share unmissable tips and guidance. 

Discover how to solve training problems with tug

Is recall a work in progress? Are distractions causing you trouble? Is motivation a struggle? Whatever your training struggle, play is the solution - and during the course you’ll learn exactly how to use play to solve your training problems (while having fun, too). 

Learn how to pick the perfect toy for your dog (no more wasting money)

Tired of buying toys your dog’s not fussed about? Or toys that get destroyed in minutes? In this course, we reveal the secrets to buying a toy that will stand the test of time and get your dog fired up and ready to learn. 

Find out if there’s any truth in the myths you might hear about playing tug

Spoiler alert: there isn't. Nevertheless, we’ll take a deep dive into the things you might have heard about playing tug (like it’s ‘not suitable for gun dogs’ or ‘it’s just for sporty dogs’) and explain why there’s no truth in any of them. 

Play troubleshooting

Once you’re a play expert, and ready to reap the rewards with your dog, it’s important that you know how to troubleshoot common play problems (such as handle grabbing and over-arousal). Chelsea shares her practical hints and tips for getting past play stumbling blocks. 


The course is spread across 13 bite-size lessons, delivered direct to your inbox once a day over 13 days. It’s self-paced, so you do the lessons in your own time and catch up whenever you like.


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