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5 Simple Things To Make Your Dog Super Happy

From wagging their tail excitedly to nuzzling in for a cuddle, there are few things better than seeing your dog feeling happy.

And because our dogs are so special to us, when they feel content, we do too.

That’s why this week’s Training Spotlight is a little bit different.

Instead of training tips, we’re sharing a few ideas of things you could try to give your dog the feel-good factor. Let’s get stuck in…

1. Give your dog a massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Let your dog feel like they’ve been to a spa retreat by spending 10 minutes firmly but carefully massaging them all over using the flat part of your hand. Massage doesn’t just feel good either – it’s a lovely way to spend some quality 1-to-1 time with your dog. Just remember to follow their cues and stop if they seem uncomfortable.

2. Make some doggy ice lollies

Keeping cool in the summer heat can be tiresome so let your pooch enjoy a delicious and dog-friendly ice lolly. Boil 500ml of water and mix with a stock cube. Pour into an ice tray and add a couple of small treats to each cube. Freeze for a couple of hours and then dish up and watch them go wild! We found a couple of great recipe ideas here.

3. Build a mini agility course

Agility is a really stimulating sport that most dogs absolutely love. Try setting up a mini agility course in your garden using a hula hoop to jump through, a few cones (or cans of baked beans!) to weave through and some blankets to jump over (that is unless you have the real thing). Let them explore and have fun at their own pace and offer an enticing game of tug as a reward at the end this will help booster your bond.


4. Treat them to a new toy

We’re biased, but we don’t think anything makes our dog as happy as when they get a new Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear toy to play with. Don’t be afraid to try something new that they haven’t play with before – they might surprise you. At the moment, we’re loving the Faux Fur Pocket Squeaker and our Frisbee in our house.

5. Explore somewhere new

We’ve all got our favourite spots for daily walks which is all well and good, but sometimes exploring somewhere new can really put a spring in your dog’s step. Look online for dog-friendly walks near you and ask friends for their favourite spots. Worried about letting your dog off the lead somewhere new? Work on your recall with help from us! 

What are your favourite ways to make your dog happy? Let us know in the comments!

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