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The Ultimate Dog Ball Toy: 3 Things You Should Know About Our PowerBall

Tug-E-Nuff fans can now play a whole new ball game following the exciting launch of our brand new PowerBall collection. 

This revolutionary range of dog ball toys with handles are the result of many months of hard work behind the scenes. Our in-house team of dog training and play experts turned their vision of the ‘world’s best dog ball’ into a reality.... and we can't wait to introduce you to it! 

Meet the Ultimate Dog Ball Toys

Manufactured exclusively for us, the PowerBall is available as a standalone rubber dog ball and as a ‘built-in’ addition to an exciting range of six new dog ball toys with handles.

“We’re so excited to finally launch the new PowerBall,” said our co-founder, Danny. 

“For ball-motivated dogs, or for dogs that need durable tuggies with something ‘extra’, the PowerBall is a game changer. 

“We set out to create the world’s most perfect dog ball - we think we’ve done it, and we’re pretty confident dogs everywhere will agree!”

Here are three things you should know about the new PowerBall…

  1. It has easy-grip grooves and a unique dual texture for canine sensory stimulation. 
  2. Unlike conventional tennis balls, which are often made with dangerous glass fibres, the PowerBall is non-toxic and non-abrasive. It’s also tuggable, bounceable and the perfect weight for throwing. 
  3. There are three eye-catching core colours to choose from but each PowerBall has a blue outer shell - the colour dogs see best. 

Meet our brand new tuggies - each with a PowerBall built in...

Wondabaa PowerBall Bungee

We took the magic of our popular WondaBaa Bungee - and levelled up! The WondaBaa PowerBall Bungee features a generous, soft Sheepskin bite area that now has a PowerBall attached to the end. For enthusiastic tuggers, the addition of a ball will add extra interest - making this tuggy more motivational than ever! The handle is made from our signature webbing - super tough and super stretchy

Pocket PowerBall Magnet

The resounding success of our Pocket Magnet proved beyond any doubt that a compact tuggy made with real, responsibly-sourced Sheepskin is a hugely powerful recall training aid. But there was one thing customers kept asking us for - a Pocket Magnet with a ball attached - so here it is! Perfect for throwing and guaranteed to boost recall.

Fauxtastic PowerBall Bungee


This latest addition to our durable synthetic fur range is a surefire winner for every breed. The vibrant faux-fur bite area is finished off with our PowerBall for a bite area that’s especially enticing for dogs that are ball-motivated. The padded, bungee handle is made with doubled-up shock cord so you can focus on having fun, and not worry about straining your shoulder or your dog’s neck. 


Pocket PowerBall Fauxtastic

Our new Pocket PowerBall Fauxtastic is another awesome option for adding the Power of Play to your pocket. This is the ideal option to introduce tug as an on-the-spot reward to dogs that are motivated by balls. Pop it in your pocket, take it on walks and reveal it whenever you need your dog to forget distractions and focus on you


PowerBall Bungee

Sometimes, simple is best - and that’s the case when it comes to our new PowerBall Bungee. The star of the show is our exciting new PowerBall, which is firmly attached to our signature bungee handle - with doubled-up shock cord and featuring flecks of eye-catching blue throughout. If your dog enjoys fetching before tugging, this is perfect - it’s easy to throw and flies through the air like a dream

Pocket PowerBall Bungee

Good things come in small packages - and that’s certainly the case with our Pocket PowerBall Bungee. It features a small, looped handle made using super-stretchy bungee cord that’s attached to a PowerBall to create a compact, effective tug toy that will become the ultimate high value reward for any ball-motivated dog. Plus, it’s perfectly weighted for throwing and fetching. Winner!

What our Toy Testers say…

“The PowerBall and the bungee are very sturdy and well made. The ball is a really nice size and my 18 week old spaniel is able to hold it in her mouth. Paislie absolutely loved this toy! She loved tugging on it but also loved retrieving it. We tested it out in the rain and mud today and it was still really easy and a pleasure to throw. We’re super happy with this product and will continue to use it in Paislie’s training as a reward. Thank you Tug-E-Nuff!” Emily and Paislie / @rawfedtribe 


 “The PowerBall Bungee was my dogs’ first Tug-E-Nuff toy and it definitely won’t be their last! They absolutely loved it! I cannot believe how strong it is too, we have used it all weekend in the pouring down rain and it washes easy and drys pretty fast too, I am so impressed with it!” - Aleesha, Oscar and Bailey / @labradors_oscarandbailey


 “The PowerBall makes rewarding with play so versatile, we can play tug but the weight of the ball makes it perfect for fetch too!” - Katie and Willow / @workingcockerwillow




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