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3 Reasons the Sheepskin Bungee Ring is An Awesome Choice

When you’re spending your hard-earned cash on a new training toy for your dog, you want to know it’s going to get results. 

The Sheepskin Bungee Ring has been a firm favourite with Tug-E-Nuff customers for years. It’s one of those toys that our fans keep coming back to. 

Why? Because it’s AWESOME - and here are three reasons you should give it a try...

1. It’s great for super strong tuggers.

From the most powerful staffies to giant breeds, the Sheepskin Bungee Ring takes durability to a new level. With a strong handle made using two strands of climbing-grade bungee webbing and a large, fluffy bite area, you can safely enjoy a game of tug with even the strongest, biggest, most enthusiastic tuggers of all. 

As with all our tug toys, it’s designed to be kept for interactive, supervised play only. 

2. It’s compact and versatile. 

The Sheepskin Bungee Ring will fit neatly in your pocket for use as a recall reward on walks. You can even throw it as you would a frisbee for your dog to catch and retrieve. It’s also compact enough to be concealed for use as the ultimate reward during trick training or agility. 

3. It’s the perfect option for ‘handle-grabbers’.

It’s common for some dogs - particularly those who are new to playing tug - to grab the handle of longer bungee-handled toys. If you’re not careful, this can mean they catch your fingers with their teeth. We always recommend the Sheepskin Bungee Ring to owners tackling handle grabbing. That’s because the short (but still strong and stretchy) handle helps your dog to focus on the bite area only. 

Oh, and it’s not officially one of our three reasons, but they also make a great fashion accessory… 🤪


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