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3 Fun Ways To Use The Pocket Magnet

We launched the Pocket Magnet in 2019 and it has fast become a firm favourite with Tug-E-Nuff fans who love it’s compact size and magic motivational powers.

Made with British, black sheepskin and our trademark Tug-E-Nuff bungee handle, the Pocket Magnet is the perfect introduction to our Sheepskin range for dogs of all shapes and sizes. 

Each of the three handle colours include an element of blue - a colour dogs can see vividly - which helps build drive and focus on the toy.

It’s super versatile, too - so we thought we’d run you through three ways you can use the Pocket Magnet when you’re out and about…

1. Recall

The Pocket Magnet is your secret weapon for building a bulletproof recall. The key to a reliable recall is making you more interesting that your dog’s environment - with the Pocket Magnet on your side, that’s easy. 

Whether it’s cats, squirrels or other dogs, the Pocket Magnet will help you eradicate distractions in an instant. 

Thanks to it’s handy size, you can carry it in your pocket and reveal it at the perfect moment. Then watch your dog come running to grab on to the soft bite area for a fun game of tug on-the-go.

The Pocket Magnet has fast earned a reputation as one of the best toys for recall for all breeds. 

2. Agility

The Pocket Magnet is perfect for driving forward your dog on an agility course, and rewarding them for their hard work at the end. 

It’s easily throwable and can be concealed well in your pocket until it's revealed as a high value reward when you need it.

We’ve had first hand experience of tug toys being too big for our pockets, which results in dogs - especially young excitable pups - being focussed on the toy rather than the obstacle ahead during agility.

The Pocket Magnet eliminates this issue and is now one of our top picks for owners looking for the best toys for agility.  

3. Boosting bond

A strong bond is the foundation of all successful training - and it’s well established that interactive play is the key to building a bond with your dog. 

The Pocket Magnet makes working on your bond while out and about a breeze. 

Boost their confidence and take your bond to the next level by taking the Pocket Magnet along on walks. It will add an element of play to the everyday and ensure that YOU are the most interesting and fun to run to, even when there are small furry animals or other dogs around!

If bond is still a work in progress for you, download our FREE guide to boosting it here

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