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3 Fantastic Ways To Play With The Bright Fauxtastic

Whether you have....

🐶 a dog that loves to play or a dog that’s still growing in confidence

🐶 a young puppy or a large breed

🐶 a professionally trained pooch or one still learning the basics

The Bright Fauxtastic is our colourful, durable wonder toy that will help you get results AND have loads of fun with your furry friend. 

With it’s foam-padded bungee handle and enticing faux fur bite area, the Bright Fauxtastic has become a firm favourite since we launched it in 2019. 

So we thought we’d walk you through three easy and fun ways you can use it as part of your training…

1. Level up your walks

The secret to a strong recall is ensuring you’re more interesting than your dog’s environment. Treats don't always do the trick, but the bright colours of the Bright Fauxtastic certainly will. 


dog tugging on tough dog toy

Each of the handle colours include flecks of blue, the colour dogs see most vividly, and even the bite area comes in a vivid faux fur. This makes it easy to grab your dog’s attention and have them come running back in a heartbeat for the ultimate reward - a super fun game of tug with a toy they love. 

This toy can also be folded up small enough to carry and keep out of sight until you’re ready to engage your dog with it. Playing tug during walks is a great way to reinforce your bond with your dog and add interest to an everyday activity, as well as transforming your recall.

2. Boost obedience training at home

Whether you are practicing a sit and stay, or working on a more complex trick routine, having a high value reward for your dog is essential for success. And that’s where the Bright Fauxtastic comes in. 

Your dog will love the tugging fun you can enjoy together with this toy - and then you can use it as a reward in itself when training at home. It adds variety compared to only using treats all the time - and there are huge benefits of playing tug together (like boosting your bond, for starters). Win win!

3. Play ‘toy switch’

Perhaps your dog is an experienced tugger - but perhaps they need a bit of encouragement to play. Either way, a fantastic way to use the Bright Fauxtastic is to play Toy Switch. This is a simple game that is super effective at engaging your dog. 

To play, you need two of (ideally) the exact same colour Bright Fauxtastic. Start by moving one in a prey-like manner (fast - slow - fast) before letting your dog grab and tug. Then make the first toy disappear and quickly bring out the second one and do the same thing. Then repeat!  

This is a super-stimulating, super-enriching way to keep your dog active and happy without even leaving the house!


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